Connecting the Local Community!

We believe that by connecting people to other people via parties, community events, sports, arts, and more, we make our world a little smaller and a little stronger.

Social Media UNPLUGGED

38018_1430737582543_1655971448_1042984_3827761_nOur organization is designed for young professionals who…

  • Want to meet new people
  • Want to do fun things with friends
  • Want to find people to do activities, from Arts to Sports
  • Want to develop group ties and roots in their community
  • Want to be a part of helping the city they live in, be more of a community

Membership has its Privileges

We are a membership organization. Just by being a part of it, you are connected to a group of like-minded people which you will connect with via the following…

  • Open Parties
  • Exclusive Member Only Parties
  • Online Community Portal
  • Member Benefits through our us and our partners including Kickball teams, Group events, Tastings, and so much more!

Community Engagement

BeerBoothVolspic1 (2)Through our organization, we believe you can advance your career by…

  • Socializing with others which increase your network
  • Sharing or Learning skills by volunteering with our committees and DoingGood.Foundation Programs
  • Opportunities to specifically grow your professional network through quarterly exclusive business networking events
  • Meet more people, the more people you know, the better your ability to get help advancing your career

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