IJET Partnership


No Joke! Just Listen!


The Doing Good Foundation and International Jet Aviation Services (IJET) has partnered up to provide a complimentary private jet flight to all our Mile High Members (Only 20 are offered)! Yep, we said a FREE private jet flight!

In looking for a jet services partner for our Fly Away event, the Suitcase.Party, we happened upon IJET at the Centennial Airport. This company has been around for 38 years and has a long relationship with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Seeing as their heart was in the right place, we proceeded with the negotiations. They agreed to provide us discounted jet services for a couple of events, including the Suitcase.Party! Awesome! But talk about the right place at the right time!

They then proceeded to tell us about a program they were just launching where their members could pay a LARGE fee and for no additional cost, hop on any “Empty Leg” flight! Not understanding what an empty leg was, we probed further and we began to see a benefit for our newly formed young professionals membership group, an opportunity for some of them, who could not normally afford a private jet, to actually take one with up to 6 of their friends! We negotiated a partnership and now YOU have the ability to jump on a One-Way, “empty leg” flight with IJET!

With the ability to load the jet up with up to 7 people, that would be under $200 per person for a one-way trip on a private jet! With most one-way flights from big cities like New York and LA being under $200, you could enjoy a trip there and back for under $500 per person! Which is less than commercial in many instances!

You can take any flight, first come first serve, available via text message, with up to  6 other friends or family to any location posted in the text between now and February 28, 2018!