Membership Levels

Membership has its Privileges!

Besides the personal benefits of discounts, exclusive events, free beer, and event private jet services, membership with YoungPros Doing Good provides the Doing Good Foundation with a renewable and sustainable funding source. YOUR membership allows the DoingGood.Foundation to provide its programs and services FREE to hundreds of small and local nonprofits!

Level Price  
DO-GOODER $60.00 now.
Membership expires after 365 Days.
DO-GOODER PLUS $350.00 per Year.
Membership expires after 365 Days.
Mile High Membership $1,250.00 now.
Membership expires after 5 Years.


DO-GOODER Membership Includes:

  • One Year Membership to YoungPros Doing Good Rocks (Beginning on date of purchase)
  • Discounted entry to all YoungPros Doing Good Events for one year (Beginning on date of purchase)
  • 3-Month use of the BARVENTURE APP FREE!
  • Advanced notification of event registration
  • Access to members-only content, coupons, and other benefits on this site

DO-GOODER PLUS Membership includes:

  • One Year Membership to Young Pros Doing Good (Beginning day of purchase)
  • Complimentary Entry for One Person at ALL Young Pros Doing Good scheduled events for one year (Beginning day of purchase)
  • 6-months of FREE use of the BARVENTURE APP
  • Advanced Notification for registration of events before it is made public and before “Do-Gooder” members are notified
  • Access to all content on this site for one year
  • And so much more!

MILE HIGH MEMBERSHIP presented by International Jet Aviation Services includes all the following:

  • Lifetime Membership to YoungPros Doing Good
  • A RIDE ON A PRIVATE JET! – One Complimentary (YES, THAT MEANS FREE!) “Empty Leg” on an International Jet Aviation Services Private Jet for you and as many guests as can safely fly in the plane (For details on how this program works CLICK HERE!)
  • Access on this site to all available “Empty Legs” which can originate from anywhere in the country
  • Ability to request your Empty Leg flight directly from the site
  • One Year of complimentary Entry to ALL YPDGR events
  • Discounts to all events for the rest of your life! (OR until you are age 40, which ever comes first!)
  • One Year of use of the BARVENTURE APP
  • Access to all member content on this website including coupons, posts, videos, etc.
  • and more!